This is the private homepage of Søren H. Assmann, better known throughout the World Wide Web, gaming worlds and chatrooms as Madayar. Or just Mad.

First of all, if you don't know how to navigate on a low quality website like this one, please learn on how to use a button by using the button below.


For everything else, please refer to the navigation below this paragraph. Please note that I am still working on this site and will, with minor or major (sometimes epic) pauses, work on it in the future. So don't be surprised by dead links, missing pages, very outdated content or other tasty little treats. Feel free to be annoyed, though.










Warning. This site is and most likely always will be in some or some other stage of construction, vastly delayed by the utter laziness of the owner, who additionally is heavily unskilled in any form of graphic and/or web design.

Under Construction

If you have trouble getting on to this site, the reason might be that it's located on a limited server so I don't have to pay too much for webspace. Please keep any complaints about this to yourself unless you want to give me money to hire proper graphic and web designers and buy a better webspace package. Alternatively, use the Exit, that's what it's there for.

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